Request for Warranty Authorization

Rightline attachments are designed to be trouble-free and built to exacting standards. Cylinders, rotator drives, valve bodies, and virtually all Rightline components are manufactured in our factory to guarantee quality. Every cylinder is individually pressure tested and each rotator and clamp must pass a full operational test prior to shipment.

We are anxious to resolve any problem you may encounter. A Rightline warranty is administered under the following guidelines:


1. Defective components should be replaced and returned to Rightline for analysis. Advance authorization is not required for removal and replacement of parts to be returned. Do not repack cylinders, re-seal or O' ring any components under warranty. All items must be returned complete "as is" for evaluation to assist our ongoing efforts towards zero-defect production. Work other than removal and replacement of defective parts performed without specific prior authorization from Rightline is NOT covered by warranty. Contact Rightline technical support (1-800-547-6300) and obtain advance approval for any service other than part replacement that you expect to change toward Rightline warranty.

2. Troubleshooting is limited to one hour unless authorized in advance by Rightline. For fastest problem resolution, contact Rightline technical assistance (1-800-547-6300). Please provide the attachment serial number, description of symptoms and contact information for the individual who can best discuss the problem.

3. You must return defective parts in order to receive warranty reimbursement. Upon receipt of your complete warranty request, Rightline will issue an authorization for return of parts you believe to be defective. Consult Rightline prior to submitting a warranty claim that does not involve replacement of returnable parts.

4. Rightline will pay authorized labor charges at 80% of your retail rate. Parts are reimbursed at actual cost including freight. Troubleshooting without advance approval is limited to one hour. Travel time subject to mapping verification. Labor hour requests are subject to established time standards. Upon approval of your request, Rightline will credit your account the allowed amount. If you prefer to present an invoice for payment, you must first obtain a Rightline purchase order number. Warranty invoices submitted without an authentic Rightline purchase order number will be returned unprocessed.

Reimbursement Request

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