Where are breakdowns?

Most breakdown information is provided online in the attachments and parts section of the website.

Can you mail me a catalog?

Yes, we can. Either call or email us your address, and we will mail it to you.

Can I fax in my order, or do I have to call it in?

There are three ways to place an order. You can call it in, fax it, or email us your order. You will find all of our contact information on our contact us page.

What is your warranty?

Our warranty covers one year parts and labor. You can find more information on our warranty page.

Can you drop ship to my customer?

Yes, we can.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday through Friday

What is your cut off time for shipping?

2PM Pacific Standard for next day air.

3PM Pacific Standard for ground orders.

Do you have a minimum order?

No, we do not have a minimum order.

As an end-user of a Rightline attachment, can I buy parts directly from Rightline?

Rightline only sells parts through authorized OEM dealers. We cannot sell to end users or independent repair dealers. Please refer to our Dealers page.

Does Rightline sell refurbished or remanufactured attachments?

Yes, we sell refurbished attachments but availability may be limited on some models. Call 1(800) 547-6300 for availability.

How do I calculate net capacity on my lift truck?

Use our Capacity Calculator. Also, if given clamp specifications, truck manufacturers are able to help accurately determine your new net capacity.

How do I order service and parts literature?

You may download service and parts literature from our Parts page.

Where do Rightline products ship from?

All our products ship from our headquarters in Rainier, Oregon.

Does Rightline rent attachments?

Yes, we do rent attachments, please call or email for further information.