Block Handler

Hang-on Block Handlers provide economical, efficient transportation for cube loads without the need for traditional pallets. Standard configuration includes pin mount forks with floating eye “blocksaver” design, allowing vertical movement as well as the freedom to swing at the heel for damage-free alignment with cube openings. All Block handlers include heavy-duty load backrests.

Stronger, Safer Handling

  • Superior frame strength
  • Unrivaled visibility
  • Heavy-duty load backrest
  • Compact structure with rearward center of gravity and excellent capacity retention

Performance and Serviceability

  • Low operating cost
  • Precision machined components
  • No exposed chrome rod or sealing surfaces
  • Long-wearing bronze top slides
  • Quadruple lower slides
  • Better part pricing and availability
  • Made in USA from the ground up


Quick Disconnect Lower Hook

Quick Disconnect Lower Hooks speed mounting for applications requiring frequent attachment exchange and simplify installation when truck configuration provides limited wrench access to tighten retainer bolts.

Install Kit

Rightline install kits are specially designed to mount your attachment on a specific truck model and mast type. Includes all necessary hoses, fittings, brackets and instruction for direct connection to truck internal hosing.


5500 Capacity | Single Side Shifting

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10000 Capacity | Single Side Shifting

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15000 Capacity | Double Side Shifting

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