Hang-On Adapter Carriage

Adapter Carriages provide extended carriage width for increased load handling versatility. Install additional forks to carry multiple pallets or lift flexible loads requiring extra support. High strength materials and quality construction ensure continued reliable performance.

Stronger, Safer Handling

Rightline ITA adapter carraiges are expertly designed to maximize driver visibility during operation.

  • Superior frame strength
  • Compact structure
  • Rearward center of gravity
  • Excellent capacity retention


Quick Disconnect Lower Hook

Quick Disconnect Lower Hooks speed mounting for applications requiring frequent attachment exchange and simplify installation when truck configuration provides limited wrench access to tighten retainer bolts.


Class II | 5500 Capacity

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Class III | 6000 Capacity

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Class III | 10000 Capacity

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Class IV | 15000 Capacity

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