Slope Piler

Rightline Slope Pilers allow up to 12° of rotation to compensate for relative differential between the truck footprint and the desired loading surface. With an effective rotational axis centered near the bottom of the carriage, Rightline slope pilers perform better and operate more intuitively than conventional configurations that hang the slope mechanism on a small pin.

Rugged, Powerful, Productive

Rightline Integral Slope Pilers are recommended for

  • Load leveling precision
  • Placement capability
  • Uneven terrain


  • Arc design with vast bearing surfaces.
  • Twin slope cylinders.
  • Solid roller bearings.
  • Compact hydraulic actuators.
  • Unrivaled visibility.


Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve installations allow you to operate a two function attachment with a single control valve.

Sequence Valve

Sequence valve for single function operation of side shifting fork positioner. Single auxiliary valve side shifts attachment as primary function then actuates fork positioning at the end of side shift stroke.


15500 Capacity | Side Shifting

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17500 Capacity | Side Shifting

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30000 Capacity | Side Shifting

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