Load Inverter

Rightline load inverters provide 360° continuous rotation and clamping capability for a variety of inversion and specialized handling applications. Arms revolve either direction for vertical orientation to enter pallet openings. An empty can be spun to the high position and carried while the lower set of forks is placed under a loaded pallet. Clamp actuation presses the upper pallet against the load top to hold during rotation and a 180° motion will invert the product as necessary for storage or transfer to the alternate pallet.

Performance and Serviceability

Rightline Load Inverters are recommended for variety of inversion, specialized handling, and bale breakout applications.

  • Protected valve location
  • Heavy duty rotation components
  • Larger slide arms
  • Larger channel bearings, reversible and changeable with arms in place
  • Better part pricing and availability
  • Made in USA from the ground up


Quick Disconnect Lower Hook

Quick Disconnect Lower Hooks speed mounting for applications requiring frequent attachment exchange and simplify installation when truck configuration provides limited wrench access to tighten retainer bolts.

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve installations allow you to operate a two function attachment with a single control valve.

Three Position Regulator

Allows driver to select from three clamp pressure settings. Install in truck circuit supplying hydraulic pressure to the clamp.

Install Kit

Rightline install kits are specially designed to mount your attachment on a specific truck model and mast type. Includes all necessary hoses, fittings, brackets and instruction for direct connection to truck internal hosing.


3500 Capacity | 360° Continuous Rotation

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5000 Capacity | 360° Continuous Rotation

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