Pinfork Sheet
Bin Dumper
Rightline forward bin dumpers multiply productivity in agricultural and industrial applications. Lift truck operators can lift, grip and spin bins forward through a 135 degree arc to empty contents quickly and completely with single lever actuation.

Rightline advances bin dump design with enhanced structure and innovative features. The high strength frame developed with finite element analysis provides superior durability and exceptional visibility. Low profile, compact construction also reduces lost load for increased net truck capacity.

Extended length hydraulic flaps capture bins securely and work with a wider range of bin sizes. Refined geometry produces smooth, powerful action with pivot components positioned for maximum protection and easy serviceability. Rightline bin retainer stops replace typical threaded screw locators with easy grip knobs incorporating heavy duty spring pins engaging precision indexed uprights for quick vertical adjustment and accurate alignment. Rugged vertical sections are bolt-on replaceable for easy reconfiguration or repair.

Rightline engineering excellence, production quality and continued support insure this bin dumper substantially outperforms the competition.

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